What is that online gambling provides

What is that online gambling provides

Did you ever bet in your life? Did you ever been to casino? No, well it’s time for that to change.

You see, we live in really exciting time where you can bet on whatever you want. It’s not just go to casino and play roulette. It’s not just play poker with some experienced players who will take you money. Today you can bet on almost anything. Well as a matter of a fact, I won some money two days ago by betting on how many points will score Stephen Curry for Golden State Warriors. I even heard that some guy put a bet on his son. How do you mean? Well, he put a bet that his son will play soccer for his national team. And he won.

AP INTERNET GAMBLING A USA NVToday’s bookies will give you chance to put a bet on anything. You can bet on who will win an Oscar or, who will be the next President of The United States. And all that doesn’t come so surprising if you realize how much gambling industry grow. It’s probably the most profitable industry on the internet. Everyday millions are betting on sports events, and also play card games like poker and blackjack. I even heard that you can bet online on games like bingo and keno. So today you can be a man who enjoys gambling, but you don’t have to step once in casino. So we have to ask ourselves a question – what is that online gambling provide us? What are their advantages comparing it with real casino?

For starters, today every child knows how to play poker and blackjack. But that’s not because their parents took them to Las Vegas. No, it’s because there are so many different websites where you can learn to play casino games. On each of these websites there are guidelines and tutorials for inexperienced players. So with that knowledge and with having a thousand games in your hand, you can go and play online these games.

× Online gambling vs. gambling in real life, 1:0

Quick tutorial guide how to play Online Blackjack

If you are shy, and you think that animals from casinos will eat you, there is a much obvious reason why you would like online gambling. You don’t have to face anyone. You can play your poison from the comfort of your house. If you want to listen to your own music, go ahead, it’s your house. If you want to take a break and go to the bathroom or go something to eat, go ahead it’s your house. If you want to drink and smoke, go ahead it’s your house. You can stay at your place, and bet online and win some money, and you don’t even have to dress up.

× Online gambling vs. gambling in real life, 2:0


Also to be mentioned, online casinos give you some bonuses when you start using their websites. If you download their casino software, there’s money. If you play for a while, there can be bonus as well, because they don’t want to lose their customer. That could be their main slogan. We don’t want to lose any customers.

× So in conclusion, Online gambling vs. gambling in real life, 3:0. K.O.

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Tips and tricks for playing mobile pokies

Tips and tricks for playing mobile pokies

The world of gambling is currently going through another mini-revolution, and our generation is lucky to have the opportunity to watch this process from the front row, and to even be a part of this scenario by actively participating and being personally involved. The use of new methods and new platforms is changing the gambling scene and mobile gambling is the new trend. Sophisticated gadgets, smartphones and other devices are enabling us to play our favorite games whenever we want and wherever we want, which means that modern gamers have complete freedom and can enjoy in the mobility and efficient nature of mobile devices.

Mobile500pxWMobile pokies have only recently appeared on the global scene, but they have taken the world by storm and more and more people are discovering the advantages of this method of playing. Online casinos and software developers are creating new apps as we speak, and this only means that even the most demanding customers can find something for themselves. Visual and audio effects are reaching new levels of performances, even though they are already offering amazing gaming environment and provide top-notch gaming experience. Android and iOS powered devices are constantly improved as well, and they are almost equal to desktop and laptop computers when it comes to performances and quality of graphics and other attributes.

Several advantages come with playing pokies on a mobile device, but the most important ones are concerned with topics of anonymity, mobility and convenience, and players are generally aware of those benefits and use them to the fullest extent.

When it comes to tips on how to play pokies on mobile devices, it is important to know where and how to start, and to be informed about the features and relevant characteristics of the game in question.

entry_dlMost online casinos have excellent mobile pokies apps, but some casinos require that the account is created from a desktop computer and this step just has to be followed. Therefore, clients who are new to online gambling first have to go to the website of their desired online casino and create an account. This usually takes just a couple of minutes, and after that, the next step is to download the application to your phone and to log in with you credentials. After that, you are ready to play and enjoy in the exciting world of mobile pokies.

Short tutorial on how to create an account at Bovada

sunpalacecasino1It is imperative for any new player to be well-informed about the game which he wants to play, since symbols and signs can be different from game to game and therefore confuse the player or make him miss valuable bonuses and awards. Also, new gamblers should use bonuses as much as they can, especially sign-up bonuses. Casinos offer those bonuses as an award for registering and using their app, but this can sometimes be a valuable asset in your total amount and it can help you make a good start. However, the importance of smart and responsible gambling is very strong with mobile gambling as well, and players who play pokies on their smartphones should always have a limit when it comes to investments and should always take care of their budget.

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Online Pokies – Importance of regulations of online casinos

Online Pokies – Importance of regulations of online casinos

Many people accuse different online casinos for having rigged online pokies. As those people claim they lose money and they can’t win any no matter what they do, so they resort to comments on different forums about rigged pokies and so on. In order to explain you why are those comments invalid I will have to go through legal practices of online casinos and some other subjects.

slotFirst of all let’s see what rigged online pokies actually mean. Rigged online pokies means that someone done something to the game to tip the odds in favor of the online casino. If you are an online pokies player you should know that the odds are always in favor of the house because house has its edge in every bet you make. That is why you must watch for payout size of every game and every online casino. Pay out means how much of money that is invested goes in prize pool and how much of that goes directly in “pockets” of the online casino. Pay out rate can be between 80 and 99 percent because the owner of the online pokies can scale it between 1 and 20 percent. Rigged online pokies might be referred to online pokies game in which the payout is different from payout that was advertised.

best-payoutOnline pokies (online poker machines) can be rigged as well. Payout rate can be falsely advertised and there are other ways in which they can be rigged. As you know once you get something on this kind of online pokies you will be able to double the profit by picking one of the four cards that are offered (that card must be higher than the fifth card you are given). This system can be easily manipulated in order to shoot you down whenever some conditions come to play (for example, if you double your sum certain number of times or if you gain certain card combinations).

Even though it is fairly hard to manipulate any kind of online game, they are just software, and there are programmers that can alter their code. To avoid that and any other types of scams you can do several things.

×  You can play over regulated online casinos only. Those regulations check for any type of illegal actions that are done by online casinos, and if you search the web for blacklisted casinos (casinos that failed to pass regulations due to illegal practices) you will encounter many online casinos whose ads promise easy money.

×  When you find online pokies game you would like to play go and see how much of a payout it has. Once you see that go on web and do quick search on that online pokies game. If you find comments that are talking about false payout size on that game and there is good number of such comments then it is clear that you should avoid that game or rather that online casino.


Regulated online casinos are safe, or as safe as they get which can’t be said about unregulated casinos or stand alone online pokies. Avoiding both of those two unregulated online pokies and its providers will reduce the chance of rigged online pokies.

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Online casino: Software Developers

Online casino: Software Developers

Online gambling is very attractive to millions of payers from all around the world, and they all enjoy in the advantages which come with this method of playing. For example, they can now join in to their favorite game of poker or blackjack just by sitting in front of their personal computer and they do not have to worry about traveling, staying in hotels, paying for food, drinks and similar expenses. Also, online gambling can be anonymous, which is also convenient and useful for some people, since they want to preserve their privacy for different reasons. Mobility is also an important benefit of online gambling, since players can now use laptops and mobile phones to make bets on the go, and to spin those reels on a slot machine even when they are waiting for their friends or having a break at work.


However, online gambling would not be so attractive if it wasn’t for people who design and create those games, and those people usually work for companies which are called software developers. These companies provide platforms and software solutions to online casinos and they also make new games and introduce new methods of playing.

As we can see, the importance of software providers is enormous and online casinos are fighting to sign the best developers, since that would mean that they have top-notch products and that clients will come in search for high-quality games. Visual and audio elements of modern games are amazing, and some of them create a very realistic copy of real-life casinos, replicating the atmosphere and the overall tone of the casino perfectly.

Software developers started to appear in the late 1990s, and ever since that period they are an integral part of online gambling industry. During the years, several names have earned greater respect and they are now renowned companies with large numbers of employees and large revenues as well.

playtech-gamesSome of those companies are Microgaming”, Cryptologic, Real Time Gaming, Playtech”, and “NetEntertainment”, but the list can go on and several very respectable names can be added to these software providers. However, these companies which are listed here are the true pioneers of online gaming and gambling, since most of them were started in 1998 or 1999, while “Microgaming” was even founded in 1994! This means that they have a long history in this business and that the tradition of these names means that they offer the best possible products.

Facts about Microgaming

Most of these big software names make games for multiple casinos at once, usually 30-40, and they offer different games in different casinos. Generally, casinos offer the few basic types of games, predominantly slots, poker, blackjack, roulette and craps, but other types are also possible on certain websites. Slots are the most popular type, and they are played in all corners of the world and by all generations, since they are very simple but also potentially very profitable. Software developers create many themes and stories when it comes to these games, and they are constantly inventing new ways to make online gambling even more attractive.

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Guide to playing mobile pokies

Guide to playing mobile pokies

     Playing mobile pokies is fun, but sooner or later you will go a step beyond simple fun and you will do some research on mobile pokies that are played for money, and at that moment all the fun you get from free pokies that are played for virtual money will be gone. Why? Because risking money in that kind of game is thrilling experience and the chance of winning draws people into playing. But before you jump into playing pokies and losing money heed few words of advice I will write:

o-LOSE-MONEY-facebookUnlike pokies that are played with virtual money the pokies that are played with real money will always be in favour of the house. This means that the odds will be always against you. Don’t mistake this for rigged pokies because that is not same. Many people that lose money will write about it and say that they were ripped and that it was a scam, but in reality they don’t understand house edge in mobile pokies. That edge is more than often between 1 and 20 percent. For example if it is 1 percent, which is highly unlikely, for every dollar you spend on that pokie 1 cent is going to the house.

Many casinos will have slots (which is different name for pokies) in their name. Pokies are well known and well played game, but it can’t beat poker or roulette, so you might ask why is there slots in their name. Well if you play mobile roulette and mobile pokies on your phone you will spend more money on pokies than on roulette. Pokies are faster and you can spend a lot of money in short time period, while other games take more time, and some of them have many strategies you can implement.

Learn more about online pokies

There are no strategies in online pokies, namely slots. There are only pokies with different size of house edge, and different bonuses including free spins and other similar things. Only smart thing you can do here is to pick a pokie that has best offer and play it. Online casino will promote mobile pokies that have worst odds for players and you should stay away from them. If an online casino promotes one pokie over others avoid it, and go in their game list and find pokie game with better odds.

It should be common knowledge, but I will repeat it here: Don’t buy e-books that talk about winning strategies in pokie games.

Art-23-07-2015As I mentioned there is no strategy in slots and writers of those books know that. But there are millions of mobile pokies players and some of them are desperate enough to seek aid in order to get even or to get rich. Scam artists know that and they will gladly sell you e-book which promises great profit from unbelievable slots strategies, but in reality they are empty. Don’t buy those books, no matter how much they are praised, no matter how many testimonial videos there are about it.

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Free online pokies

Free online pokies

So, why would anyone play free online pokies? Is it just waste of time? Or perhaps, is it a good way to get in touch with a lot of pokie games for free, before you can be sure which game you like, and which pokie game is worth placing real money into it?

We can find many different pokie games that can be played for real money. When we are trying to see what the game look like, we usually play some rounds. But before you can play, you need to register, to deposit some money in your account, and then use your real money for testing online pokies. Too much work!

With so many online casinos, and so many online pokie games, it will take a lot of time and real fortune to test all that pokie games you fell fancy about. So, free online pokies are the best way to attract your attention and give you right image of playing with real money, before you do so.


Practicing and learning with no cost will allow you to get experience before you decide to deposit money in an online casino. Some casinos offer demo versions of almost every pokie game that are only real money available on some other casino site.

jackpot-slots-club-beta-9714Playing free online pokies allows you to develop you own strategy for any pokie game, so when it comes to real money, you will be prepared for it to get best chance to win. Sometimes, after a series of single winnings, rising the bet will lead to bigger winnings or even to jackpot, just like sometimes after good series it is advised to lower the bet, so you don’t loose all that balance you gained. Of course this varies from game to game, and that is the point of free demo playing, to get in touch with pokie game and try to figure out some frequent series or behavior of the gameplay on betting amount changes. Most players starts with small bets, and then after several winning round they increase the bet for the chance of bigger win.

There is no better way of preparing for all this but playing free online pokie games, which allows you to play as many free hands as you desire. When it comes to real money, make sure you get the information on all starting bonuses because it varies mostly depending on amount of your starting deposit.

This bonuses are very cool for start, but you should not look at that money as it felt down from sky and spill it out on some games you never played. Instead of that, you should pick wisely the game you have practiced most and try to get the best from it and you will have most chance to win really cool winning amounts.

Just think of entering in traditional casino, and that they give you 50$ on the entrance….Not so ordinary. But in online casinos, it is very common practice!

FlashThe best way of playing free online pokies for practice is to play those supported by flash technology. It is not needed to download or install any software – you just play your game in your web browser. There is no waiting for the game to be loaded, just click on the game you want, and you will start playing shortly, on any platform that supports Flash technology. For those that wish to play free pokies on portable devices, this perfect technology allows them to play it on most of modern smartphones and devices that supports Flash.

Free online pokies are easy to control through mouse clicking or touch pad controls. All control buttons can be found in bottom of the screen. One of the great possibilities in free online pokies is auto collect feature, so you just press the auto collect button and let the reels/ wheels spin for you.


Learn How to Play Online Pokies

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